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What is Mitchell Blend and why does it taste so great?

It’s a blend of beans, each chosen by (Doug Mitchell – ME) for specific characteristics.

Over a period of 18 months or so, i tried beans from all over the world, pinpointing what i liked about each bean, and whether it works harmoniously with the others, the fruits of that (VERY ENJOYABLE) labour are what you get in the cup.

A Blend of Colombian and Indonesian Arabica beans for a full body, light acidity, and a deep Chocolate and Caramel finish, with some Brazilian Robusta for that great Caffeine kick(.

One early tester came up with the phrase, “it’s like a kick from a camel in a pair of suede slippers, which i still love, (Thanks Maxxa!) ”

Nothing has changed since then, through experimentation and product development, we have used it as a base for other products, some of which may see the light of day in the future.

We have used that same blend in many differing items, firstly in Dark Chocolate, (beyond amazing) that chocolate used in Cookies, as the base flavour with Tiramisu, (BOTH the coffee AND the chocolate), paired it with ice cream (an Affogato), and in a “dry rub” for meats, especially on bacon and my favourite, on roasted lamb… MMMMH!,

We have even trialled it as a Cold Brew coffee, VERY refreshing on a hot day (AND a Nitro Cold Brew coffee), it pours, settles, and drinks like a Guinness, but has no alcohol, and a MAJOR caffeine “kick”.

Some of these “experiments” will be released as retail products as we grow, but for now, we are focussing on getting the main attraction (The Coffee) into your hands and cups.