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I hope your week has gone well, and you are all ready for the weekend, remember to rehydrate now… and wear a hat, it’s going to be pure “Tap’s Aff” all weekend – (for those viewers in Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Sorry England… but it will top up The Lakes no doubt).

This is the first in a series, interesting links, some coffee related info, some about music, some about food and drink. All the headings are links to further info, just click and fly….

I’m a sucker for coffee related links, pages, and articles, so send me any you find, my favourite of the month (starting the 1st June), gets a prize, send them as a message on the facebook page, that way we dont have any GDPR nonsense to contend with. who remembers the Y2K frenzy?
Yup, welcome to the new version.


Enjoy the ramblings….


Coffee Stuff

Another Great Review of the Magic Beans in a bag….

The fine folks at Camping Magazine went on a wee adventure and took some of the MB Bags along, they loved them, but then, who doesnt? :). go have a read.

Coffee Articles…. – this will be random stuff, about coffee, health, stuff that i like, but you may not.. worth a look though

Does Coffee help at the gym or doing active sports – Yes, yes it does… we have a number of customers who religiously drink MB prior to their workout, runners, weight lifters, even those who like a 30 minute pedal on a bike, while catching up on the netflix episodes they have missed, the link below will give you more info, it’s even got a real life Dr. in it, so you know its true 😀

Coffee, Caffeine and Sports Performance with Dr Neil Clarke

Music and Entertainment

Dean Owens

One of my favourite local artists, i’ve banged on about him for long enough, he has some shows ready for booking at the festival, where he is playing songs picked out of a hat –  https://www.facebook.com/events/617592061934583/

Here’s the title track from his latest album, go listen, better yet, go buy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzJo0yQIEUs

Young Fathers

My favourite Edinburgh band of the moment, they are awesome, dark, gritty, a little scary, but a breath of fresh air, they are already huge, but can only get bigger…. their first album won the Mercury Music Prize for 2014, and their latest one Cocoa Sugar, is already on my phone… not many bands get to make the jump from CD to my phone, they have been there since 2014 (yup, it’s the same phone).

Get your ears around this… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQFPikYSalg

Taylor & Leigh

Exciting news – this award winning, contemporary country duo are about to release a new album, called Dirt Road to Happiness, they are Brother and Sister, who make great tunes with Taylor Guitars, Heather has a sweet, soulful voice, but can belt it out like a boss when needed.

Go have a listen, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrSyD7pfr44

I was going to give you just one song, but this is too good to leave alone…



Food and drink

Campervan Brewery

The home of the Jolly Botanist – the best beer i’ve tasted in years, think rhubarb crumble with an oaty back taste – if you see it, get it, they obviously do others, but that’s my favourite, they arent afraid of throwing stuff into a beer to see what its like, they also have a tap room in the brewery, open Friday and Saturday. so, if you’re down leith way, and want some decent beers, give the taproom a shot, though obviously available in your local craft beer emporium.


I love pizza, (who doesnt?), and i’ve sampled this place a couple of times, great pizza, bit of a lively buzz in the place, they have a small, but deliciously formed menu, my recommendation – for the carnivores, go for the eat, meat and repeat, and veggies and vegans are well catered for.


San Juan Malbec

The BEST wine ive ever had, hands down my favourite…. full of fruity goodness, i like it chilled, but you red wine lovers can drink it warm… if you see it, buy it, in fact, buy two, just not at my local Co-op.


OK, that’s enough for now,  I don’t want to spoil you, enjoy the links, and don’t forget, send me the best links via the facebook page, there’s goodies to be had!! ……no cats, or superhero memes… cant be doing with them.

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