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Our first real blog update, so bear with us….























Some of you lucky people have sampled already the trial blend we code-named “Lejara”, our first truly, “thinking outside the box” blend.

It’s pretty much stayed as it was since inception, but now, (or at least soon)

its available in a limited release 10 pack. exclusively within Edinburgh from BLKWRK studio at 72 Haymarket Terrace,

Already 20% of the first batch has gone, if you want to guarantee a 10 pack of Coffusion, give the Shop a call on 0131 337 3879

Outwith Edinburgh, IF there is enough stock, it will be on the website shop.

We wont have this as a permanent shop item,but if you see it in there, trust me, BUY IT!

It’s MB, but not as you know it, think of it as MB BOLD….with a twist.

It’s a mix of the usual MB Bold, and a very difficult to get, West Indian Bean. it sort of puts a… “turbo boost” into your normal MB mug.


We shall have some reviews soon on the concept and overall experience of this 1st blend from the Mitchell Blend Special Projects release soon.

In the meantime, have a look at the label artwork by Darren at BlkWrk, go check out the fantastic work they do here https://www.facebook.com/Blkwrkstudio/




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