The story of Mitchell Blend

Or what do you do when you lose your coffee supplier….

Mitchell Blend was created to “scratch an itch”, over 7 years ago, namely, my coffee supplier, ( Hi Sandro! ) sells up and moves to Spain. Taking his coffee “recipe” with him.

I said i was sad to see him go, and asked him for the recipe, he laughs and says no… it’ mine, you want your own, make it…so I did, over a period of 18 months, I tried beans from many places, testing each for specific things I wanted in a coffee, you should try it, it’s a fantastic adventure, and opens you up to just how unique coffee can be… you may not come up with a blend like Mine, (in fact, I guarantee you wont), because my tastebuds are different from yours, but it is a great adventure.

The Blend

Beans from South America, and the Pacific Rim make up Mitchell Blend, to give a full mouth-feel, a great caffeine kick, and no bitter finish,

It was specifically created to be drunk with milk and 2 sugars, because that is how i like my coffee.

” Coo and Two, Makes the Brew…”

I know some Cafficionado’s will say, “adding sugar and milk will mask the delicate flavours and intricate balance of the individual beans”,. but meh, it tastes fantastic, and hits ALL of the markers I want from a coffee.

Once I got the right blend, and found a roaster who could bring it to life, (that same roaster STILL roasts all of the MB sold, 7 years or so on) we were off on an adventure.

For nearly four years of that time, (well before Mitchell Blend even became a company or retail product), they have supplied us, over time, I had to purchase more, as work colleagues, family, friends and friends of friends asked me to supply them, 2kg’s became 5 kg’s, became 10 kg’s etc…. to where we are now, supplying coffee to all parts of Scotland, the rest of the UK, Scandinavia, Europe, and even over to America, where we have some real fanatical lovers of the MB bean, even having it FLOWN to Middle America, so they get it as fresh as it can be.

After a period of time, it was time to truly test it, and its first big test was to an Italian owner of multiple coffee kiosks, who in all of the time he has been I business sold only one kind of coffee, from his own plantation, it’s like giving Dario Franchetti (or Michael Schumacher, for our European visitors), your made at home go-cart to test drive… so, one cold Saturday morning, at the foot of Edinburgh Castle, me, slightly fearful, but confident it would “pass muster”, stood by for the verdict.. we test it as an espresso, and an Americano, giving nothing away, the anticipation, etched on my face, he gives his verdict, “it’s great, though I’d like it a little darker”, Italian’s LOVE darker roasted coffee.

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Time To Grow

At that point I KNEW MB would work, now to build a business… nearly four years on from that day, Mitchell Blend has grown, and has now launched in the US, giving our Californian friends the opportunity to get the MB good stuff into their hands, if you want more info on availability in the USA, please contact us and we shall forward your info onto our American distributors, or go see them directly here.

We supply MB to a very varied collections of people, companies, individuals, each with a love, almost bordering on obsession for the Mighty Bean, MB – Geddit?

We are the preferred coffee supplier to a number of offices of a large Private Wealth Management company, supplying them both here in Scotland and the Rest of the UK, we supply MB coffee to grandma’s, busy mums, Doctor’s, Restaurants, Pubs, Tattoo Parlours, ex-politicians, Rock stars, web designers, Author’s, some via subscription, most on a recurring monthly order, a chain of Electronic Cigarette shops in Scotland, where the coffee is free as long as the doors are open in 6 branches. and obviously, many individual user’s who appreciate great coffee.

You will be in great company when you buy it…. dive in…. what have you got to lose? we even offer a full refund on your first order (minus postage) should you not like it, you get to keep the bag, all we ask is you pass it onto someone else who you know likes coffee.

What Our Customers Say

There isn’t a “typical” Mitchell Blend customer, as above, we get them all, from young students, to 80 yr old retirees, once they get their first taste of Mitchell Blend, they are ruined for any other coffee, a proud boast, and very provable. Some of the quotes from them on Mitchell Blend:

Like getting kicked by a camel in cashmere slippers…
Crack Coffee! Caffeine orgasm!
Mitchell Blend is the elixir of the Gods, Coffee to move mountains by
Best coffee I’ve ever had, once you go Mitchell Blend, you will never go back, Excellent string coffee
full bodied flavour and caffeine that hits like a train, they may take our lives, but they’ll NEVER take our coffee
as long as there is Mitchell Blend in every country of the world, this world will be a better place
nice, dark. rich, flavoursome caffeine nectar, the crystal meth of the coffee world
other coffee brands just don’t come close, a dietary staple, a must have for all coffee drinkers, – and im a former coffee hater

It still amazes me that people get so “in” to the whole MB product, they somehow instinctively get it.

What is in the future?….we grow internationally, We already ship to parts of Europe,and we are already available in the USA, (, with other countries in our sights (next stop Canada).

Mitchell Blend Coffee – Dark – Smokey – Scottish